Dark Under-Eye Circles

The Problem:

  • The blood vessels around the eye area are extremely fine and thin, and blood flow tends to be slower than other parts of our bodies.
  • With insufficient sleep, physical exhaustion, experiencing high emotional peaks and troughs, psychological upset, overworked and tired eyes, etc. – these are common factors that cause dark circles.
  • When the veins around the eyes start to turn purplish red due to slower drainage and blood flow, the cumulative effect brings about the appearance of dark circles.


Apple Skin Care’s solutions:

  • Eliminate pigment in the skin in order to recover the skin tone around the eye area.
  • Regulate or rid fine lines under the eyes. After that, the dark eye circles will be able to recover quicker.
  • While getting rid of the black pigment, a lymphatic massage is essential in order to readjust blood circulation so that the dark eye circles can be more effectively diminished.