Eye Bags

The Problem:

  • Aging affects the elasticity of the eye area. From the age of about 30 years on, fats start to form around the eye sockets, causing a gradually visible “bulging” or “eye bag” effect.
  • Dieting, overeating, lack of sleep, drinking, smoking, insufficient moisturizing, sinuses or misuse of cosmetics, etc. can all lead to the veins and lymphatic circulation becoming irregular around the eyes.
  • Because the skin around the eye areas is thinnest, ultra-sensitive, and most fragile, fine lines can be easily formed with concurrent visible signs of aging. Due to its sensitive nature, infections also tend to set in easily.
  • Eye bags not only affect older people, but youths and young working executives just as much. The younger crowd tends to stay up late, often leading to insufficient rest. They also tend to spend an unhealthy amount of time in front of the computer screens, watching TV, and console gaming.


Apple Skin Care’s solutions:

  • Lift the skin around the eye area, and firm up the facial muscles and skin.
  • Replenish the skin around the eye area with adequate and suitable moisture.
  • Tighten the skin texture, and diminish the formation of eye bags.