Oil Seeds & Milia

The Problem:

  • The appearance of Milia is usually an indication that you're using products that are unsuitable for your skin type.
  • Many of us tend to think that the best eye moisturisers are usually those that contain high levels of oil to achieve optimal results. What the skin actually needs is a balanced amount of moisture, and not a drenching of oils. This is why eye creams should be selected according to your skin condition around the eye area and skin type.
  • Milia around the eye tends to be hard and can be unsightly, affecting our aesthetics and confidence.


Apple Skin Care’s solutions:

  • Use a special procedure to eliminate Milia, firm the skin around the eye, and give it a firmer, uplifted look.
  • Replenish moisture.


Notes of caution:

Do not try to treat Milia yourself, as it may cause infections and leave behind unsightly scars.
Do not use eye care products that have a high level of oil in them. Also, cut down on the consumption of oily foods.