Sagging Skin

The Problem:

  • As ageing kicks in, the skin's elasticity and facial muscles start to droop, causing the skin to take on a sagging appearance.
  • The Elastin Fiber's lack of action within the dermis, deterioration of the protein fiber, loss of resilience and natural defenses, gravity, excessive stress etc. are all factors that can expose the skin to sagging.
  • Smoking, post-natal syndromes exacerbate the situation, triggering premature ageing to come quicker and more obvious.
  • Long-term consumption of medication, alcohol, lack of oxygen and hydration can all cause a slow-down of new healthy cells production, causing the skin to sag further.


Apple Skin Care’s solutions:

  • Repair the damaged skin cells.
  • Stimulate the growth of new collagen fibers, and strengthen the formation of newly reproduced skin cells.
  • Increase protein fiber; and rejuvenate skin with adequate moisture.
  • Eliminate all free radicals.
  • Firm and tone facial muscles, and redefine skin elasticity.
  • Provide the skin with essential vitamins and principal nutrients.
  • Stimulate blood circulation to rejuvenate the growth and facility of newly reproduced skin cells.